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How to choose eyewear factory from China?
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Hello Guys,


Today we are talking about how to choose eyewear supplier from China?


As you know there are more than 6000 eyewear factories in China. Producing for acetate eyewearMetal optical frames, Titanium Eyeglasses, wood optical frames, Aluminium eyewear, Buffalo horn eyewear, plastic eyewear. 

Hope the following information can give your some ideas about how to choose a suitable eyewear supplier.


Firstly, What kind of eyewear quality are you looking for?

In China, the eyewear factories are mainly locate in Shenzhen ,  Xiamen, Wenzhou and Danyang, but Shenzhen factories mainly focus on high-quality eyewear.


Secondly, What price can meet your eyewear market?

Price in Shenzhen is normally as below:

Acetate eyewear: USD7.00 to USD13.50

Metal eyewear: USD7.50 to USD12.50

Titanium eyewearUSD13.50 to USD18.00

Injection eyewear: USD6.50 to USD8.00


For cheaper price, you can choose suppliers from Wenzhou , the price range is from USD5.00 to USD8.50 ,bcs of price matter, many small details will be ignored, such as acetate eyewear will only in tumbling machine without any polish. And that is why even for the same type of products, the materials are relatively close, but the differences in the process and details of production will still lead to differences in quality and Price.


Thirdly. Regarding Hansion, we are factory locates in HengGang ,Shenzhen , China. We can produce Acetate eyewear,Metal eyewear,Titanium eyewear,Aluminium eyewear,Buffalo horn eyewear and Other eyewear frames. Espercially professional at high quality acetate lamination eyewear and titanium optical frames.


As a processional eyewear supplier, we would like to suggest branded eyewear customers choose Shenzhen eyewear manufactory.

Maybe you can consider Hansion eyewear manufacturer if  you need. We can provide you high quality products and good service.

By the way, I have run eyeglass business for over 16 years, and I am professional both in eyewear manufacturing and communicating.




Owner of Hansion Eyewear

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