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Eyeglasses from Shenzhen, China
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Many technology products you use come from Shenzhen

Wearing women's clothing, from Shenzhen

The eyeglasses I wear are also from Shenzhen!


As one of China's top five eyeglasses industry bases, Shenzhen eyeglasses companies have an annual output of more than 125 million pairs, with an annual output value of nearly 140 millian US dollars, and exports account for more than 80%.


Shenzhen is a fashion capital, a city of vitality, with a good industrial atmosphere. Shenzhen has a complete industrial chain, and can find the required products and accessories in the shortest time.


The eyeglasses industry is a traditional advantageous industry in Shenzhen, and it is now included in Shenzhen's fashion industry. According to statistics, there are more than 800 eyeglasses suppliers in Henggang, Shenzhen alone. Hansion Eyewear Manufactory is also honored to be one of them. Hansion Eyewear integrates development, design, production and export. It has produced and exported high-quality spectacle frames and sunglasses for more than 15 years. It has won the favor of many overseas customers.

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