Buffalo Horn Eyewear

Buffalo horn eyewear are purely natural, extremely light, very comfortable to wear, pleasing to the touch and suitable for many skin allergy sufferers.
horn is a lightweight, comfortable and beautiful frame material that is able to command such a high price.  While horn from Asian water buffalo is plentiful, few manufacturers have the skill to transform horn into eyewear. Only the most skilled workers at the best frame fabricators have the capability of cutting and polishing horn materials in a manner suitable for luxury eyewear.
As all horns in nature have differences in color, pattern and striations, ranging from subtle to significant, each pair of natural horn frames is unique and a little different.
We manufacture Buffalo Horn eyewear that are designed according to the preferences of our clients. These are made from superior grade raw material to ensure optimum quality in the final product. Buffalo horn eyewear are also available in various colors such as Black, White, Brown(light&middle&deep),Yellow, Tortoise(light&deep), as required designs & sizes.Enjoy viewing picture below.
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