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Customized Spectacle Frames is Popular Nowadays
Customized Spectacle Frames is Popular Nowadays. Choosing a reliable eyewear supplier is important to your brand!
Although many myopic people are aware of the importance of optometry and lenses in fitting, they ignore the importance of frames.

Lenses are the soul of myopia prevention and control, and frames are the carrier of all these. If there is no suitable frame, neither optometry nor lenses will be able to play their true role.

Spectacle frames that are too large or too small will have adverse effects on health, so customized spectacle frames play a role. In addition, the optional colors and shapes of customized spectacle frames can also bring better visual and service experience to users.

We produce high quality spectacle frames for more than 17 years, mainly for OEM eyewear project. We deeply believe that our quality will bring your brand more and more brilliant!
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